Col. B.J. Smith, VFW Post 9892 - The Beginning to Year 2000

In 1937 B.J. Smith commonly known only as “BJ” from Dumas, Texas, enlisted in the military. Thus began a military career which was to span 32 years. This young man would have a far reaching effect on the lives of many. “BJ” rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant in four years as an instructor of radio at Scott Field, Illinois. He was selected for pilot training and commissioned as a pilot in 1941. He saw wartime service in the Far East/Pacific area until 1950. Because of his extensive experience in the communication field, “BJ” was reassigned to Scott Field. Achieving the rank of Colonel his last military assignment was Commander, Southeast Asia Communication Region, Clark AB, Philippines. Col. B.J. Smith retired from active duty in 1970. In 1978 he returned to the Philippines to live. “BJ” founded the Retiree Activities Program at Camp John Hay and served as its first director from 1979 to 1985. He brought together over 200 retirees living in the Baguio, Philippines area. In 1985 the U.S. Retirees lost a good man, Col. B.J. Smith passed away. He touched the hearts of many with his simple philosophy: “Continuous service to your fellow man is its own reward”.


The actual conception of a Veteran of Foreign Wars Post actually began in 1989 within the hearts of 26 veterans who felt a fraternal need to forge the group into a viable organization serving the needs of all comrades. Comrade Pogozelski provided the impetus and these 26 men instituted VFW Post 9892 and named it after Col. B.J. Smith when it was formed on June 7, 1990 in Baguio City, Philippines.


The founding members of VFW Post 9892 were:

Antoni Pogozelski, Ric Baird, David Strasser, Ben Yabut, Frank Hillard, Art Gaspard, Dick Smith, Robbie Robinson, Ralph Knowles, Horace Crandell, Ralph Booher, Harold Vierra, Dean Brittain, Harold Wolf, Charles White, Ed Kelly, Ken Prettyman, Ward Harden, John Belik, Ron Woodson, Larry Boudreaux, Bob Bennet, Gorden Todd, Ron Groscost, Leroy Cook, and Noel Kramer.

OFFICERS 1990-1991

R.W. Joyce, Commander of VFW Post 9723 called the Jun 7, 1990 meeting to order. Members and guests were introduced and members were sworn in. Col. B.J. Smith, Post 9892 then began. Nominations for officers were taken. Officers elected: Commander -Hughes, Quartermaster-Molina. On July 10, 1990, the following officers were elected and sworn in. Senior Vice Commander-Carter; Jr. Vice Commander-DeJesus; Adjutant-Hillard; Advocate-Norton; Chaplain-Belik; Surgeon-Brittain; Trustee 3-White; Trustee 2-Baker; Trustee 1-Tickacek.


The terrible earthquake in Jul 1990, caused several members to move to the US or to the lowlands of La Union. No meeting or records were kept during the months following. In late 1990, the members remaining reorganized and regrouped. The next major event was the election of officers for 1991-1992.



Sr. Vice-Gray; Jr.


Quartermaster and Adjutant-Hemminger;




Trustee 3-Tichacek;

Trustee 2-Crandall;

Trustee 1-Groscost

From the beginning the VFW Post 9892 meetings were held at Camp John Hay, but with the base closure in 1991, the meetings were moved to the Manila Café in downtown Baguio City. Due to the loss of several members, recruiting took place in San Fernando, La Union near Wallace Air Station. Several members were signed up. Meetings were decided to be alternated between Baguio City and the Sea Breeze Restaurant in La Union.

In March 1992 the members voted to have future meetings at Poro Point, La Union. Art Gaspard moved that periodically meetings would be held in Baguio for sentimental reasons. Comrade Gray seconded and it passed.


On April 14, 1992, the VFW Post 9892 offically moved to Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union. The Post canteen was officially opened on 2nd Street in Poro Point in a renovated building owned by Comrade Jackie Staggs.


Election of officers was held in the newly christened Post canteen. Results were:

Commander-Rhett Weber;

Sr. Vice- Art Gaspard;

Jr. Vice-Papa Tony Jacisin;

Quartermaster-Phil Coey;

Advocate-Ralph Begien;

Chaplain-Dari Camp;

Surgeon-Ken Prettyman;

Trustee 3-Dave Ransom;

Trustee 2-Reese Crandall;

Trustee 1-John Petty.

On May 30, 1992, a picnic was held at the Sea Breeze Resort which was the ground work of reinstating the “Chili Cook off”, held for many years on bases in the Philippines. Miss Chili Pepper contest was added for spice and scheduled to be held on 4th of July. Community activities sponsored were: 1. Bingo, originally held at Sea Breeze now held in Post Canteen. 2. Steak Night once a month. 3. A day on the Beach once a month. 4. Hospital visits to Post members and families in distress. 5. Support Expates Association, providing monies for education of children in the local area. 6. Providing food stuffs for the Baccuit Day Care Center. 7. Sponsoring a Christmas party to include gifts for the orphanage.

In 1993 the Expats Association was a co-host. Membership increased to 33. Later we lost one when Paul Blenis passed away from cancer.


Commander-Emory Russell;

Sr. Vice/Service Officer-Norm Gonda;

Jr. Vice-McCoy;





Trustee 3-Pogo;

Trustee 2-Petty;

Trustee 1-Ransom.

Also the following were elected for District VII: District Commander-Weber; District Quartermaster-Ransom; District Judge Advocate-Russell; District Adjutant Limle was also appointed. After McCoy passed away in on Mar 8, Ralph Doram was elected Jr Vice. After Sr Vice Gonda passed away Nov 1993, Jr Vice Doram moved up to Sr Vice. Gaspard was elected Jr Vice. Trustee 2 Petty resigned to accept Adjutant and was appointed to House committee. The new Trustee 2 was filled by Stroughton.

The Post Charter was draped four times in 1994. Jan 27, Papa Tony Jacisin; Feb 8, Rice Tanner; March 8, Gerald McCoy; and again on April 28, James G. Marter. Despite these periods of mourning, the Post ended with 71 members.

Average Post income is P14,000 monthly with Post assets at P 260,000. A new covered porch area was built on the Poro Point 2nd Street canteen. In addition a Post library was built.


Commander-Dave Ransom;

Sr. Vice-Stoughton;

Jr. Vice-Gaspard;

Quartermaster-Roger Limle;




Trustee 3-Forseth;

Trustee 2-Openhoof;

Trustee 1-Wallworth.

Several memorials were held on Memorial day these years. Also Bingo went well and several Community projects in the Bauang, La Union/San Fernando, La Union were held.



Sr. Vice-Limle;

Jr. Vice-Ralph Begien;



Chaplain-Hank Golightly;

Surgeon-Dutch Marynen;

Trustee 3-Groscot;

Trustee 2-Forseth;

Trustee 1- Hank Openhoof.

The Post home was moved to Paringao, Bauang, La Union on Nov 19, 1995. The new location proved wise as the canteen enjoyed new life. Bingo continues to proper in this larger location. Volunteer Canteen Manager John Peddy resigned and Jan Jandl was selected from those who applied for the paid position.

Air-conditioning was put in due to the generosity of Comrade Russell loaning the Post the money. Charter was draped in Nov 1995 for Robert Haskell. Membership increased to near 100.


Commander- Roger Limle;

Sr. Vice- Tom Morrison;

Jr. Vice-Dave Hillhouse;

Quartermaster-Dave Ransom;

Chaplain-Hank Golightly;

Surgeon-Dutch Marynen;

Advocate-Ralph Begien;

Trustee 3-Groscot;

Trustee 2-Forseth;

Trustee 1-Hank Openhoof.

In 1996, the following District VII Officers were installed: Chief of Staff-Art Gaspard; Buddy Poppy Chairman-Wallworth; Inspector- Tom Morrison. July fourth celebrations was held at Post Canteen and 80 members and guests attended.

1996 Commander Russell awarded plaques to Mike Kelly for his support and participation in Post activities. Col. (RET) Rene V. Certeza for his devoted support as well. Using Bingo money, the Post had given $8,761 to community projects from Nov 1995 through Jan 1997.

The Christmas party for the orphanage was a great success held at Comrade Doherty house. Comrade Corky Roberts provided the balloon shaping. Santa Doherty and Corky visited 16 Barangay day care centers. 1,600 children benefited from their visits.

Highlight of the year is the Annual VFW Chili Cook Off. 26 teams took part in a day of festivities. This event is now held in October to get more favorable weather.

Post membership is at 118. All of these Life Members.


Commander- Dave Hillhouse;

Sr Vice-Tom Meixel;

Jr Vice-Tim Aukshun;

Quartermaster- Marvin Kirsch;

Chaplain- Hank Golightly;

Advocate-John Neilsen;


Trustee 1- Art Gaspard;

Trustee 2-Frank Hillard;

Trustee 3-Tom Morrison.

VFW Post 9892 paid tuition for three students. Conducted memorial day ceremonies at several cemeteries. The following individuals were recognized for assistance during the year. Bill Forgan, Christian Simon, Ken Hodges, Hank Golightly, David Guard, Thomas Sidley, Gloria Salinas, Emory Russell, Gemma Truman, Ralph Begien III, Emily Limle, Harry and Agnes Nichols.

We hosted the Department Convention in June 1997 which was a very good success. Membership was at 131 but dropped to 126 due to deaths and transfers.


Commander-Dave Hillhouse;

Sr Vice-Emory Russell;

Jr Vice-Tim Aukshun;

Quartermaster-Roger Limle;

Chaplain- Hank Golightly;


Surgeon-Bob Upton;

Trustee 3-Mike Nicely;

Trustee 2-Tom Morrison;

Trustee 1-Frank Hillard.

Chairman of the house committee was Marvin Kirsch.

1998 saw a new Canteen manager named: Bob Tuttle. Bob immediately improved the income of the canteen. The Chili Cook Off was another big hit with 25 teams registered. Although some did not show do to a typhoon which hit the day prior to the cook off, the weather during the affair was good.

The community Actions Program donated college tuition, clothes, medicine, a well, food stuffs and assistance to a broken leg victim. All total over 10,000 pesos were donated to charity in this year.

Membership grew to 135 thanks to recruiting from Emory Russell and Rhett weber.

1999 – 2000

Commander- Emory Russell/Tim Aukshun,

Senior Vice- Tim Aukshun,

Junior Vice- Marvin Kirsch,

QM- Roger Limle,

Surgeon-Robert Upon,

Chaplain- Art Gaspard

Advocate- Philip Woffenden,

Trustee 1- Tom Morrison,

Trustee 2- Mike Murphy,

Trustee 3- Frank Hilliard IV

Adjutant- Roger Limle.

Membership at 137 as Nov 1999. After one month Commander Russell, being the Department Commander as well, resigned to focus on his Department duties and Tim Aukshun became Commander. Marvin Kirsch then moved to Senior vice and Robert Upton was elected as Junior Vice. Officers participated in all District VII meetings as well as the Subic beach bash, Baguio fun day and Angeles Bar B Q. Memorial at Camp O’Donnell was attended by commander Aukshun.

The post assisted in the ANZAC Day remembrance at Coconut Grove in Bauang following the District Convention.

The Annual Post 9892 Chili Cook off continued to be a hit and money maker for the post.

We also conducted the annual Orphanage Christmas party. Awards were won from the Department for our Community Projects.

Sept 1999: Ignacio Dela Cuesta and Donato Herrera passed away. Dec 1999: Jackie Staggs passed away.


Col. B.J. Smith, VFW Post 9892 - Years 2001 - 2010

2001 – 2002

Commander- Tim Aukshun,

Senior Vice-Dave Ransom,

Junior Vice-, Mike Kelley,

QM- Herman “Jan” Jaindl,

Adjutant- Frank Hilliard,

Life membership 154 as of march 2002.

Memorial day was conducted at 5 cemeteries. Officers and members attended the other four posts fun day, beach bash and Bar B Q.

Commander Aukshun attended the Veterans Affairs luncheon at the US Ambassadors residence for the incoming VA Director.

The annual chili cook off was a great success and the Children’s Orphanage Christmas party was enjoyed by 35 students and staff. Oct 2001: Ralph Knowles passed away

2002 – 2003

Commander- Emory Russell,

Senior Vice- David Ransom,

Junior Vice- J. C. Folkner,

QM- Don McDaniel,

Adjutant-Roger Limle,

Surgeon-Robert Upton,

Chaplain-Tom Morison,

Advocate- Tom Roland,

Trustee 1- John Mesaros,

Trustee 2- Art Gaspard,

Trustee 3-Roger Limle .

Membership 154 as of March 2003.

All district meeting were attended by our members and we also assist in the annual ANZAC Day yearly after the District Convention.

Our special projects were outstanding again and the 32 kids and staff had a great time at the orphanage Christmas annual party.

2003 – 2004

Commander-Arthur Gaspard,

Senior Vice- Dave Ransom,

Junior Vice-J. C Folkner,

QM-Rey Vergara,

Adjutant-Emory Russell,

Surgeon-Cesar Noble,

Chaplain-Thomas Morrison,

Advocate-Walter Gorr,

Trustee 1-John Mesaro,

Trustee 2-Bob Tuttle,

Trustee 3-Tim Aukshun

Feb 2004: John Gillen passed away April 2004: Howard Seaboldt passed away Jun 2004: J.C. Folkner passed away.

2004 – 2005

Commander-Art Gaspard,

Senior Vice-Emory Russell,

Junior Vice-Cesar Noble,

QM- Dave Ransom,

Adjutant- Emory Russell,

Surgeon- Mike Kelley,

Chaplain- Thomas Morrison,

Advocate-Walter Gorr,

Trustee 1-Ben Domondon,

Trustee 2-Rhettt Webber,

Trustee 3-Rey Vergara.

Membership at 175 as of July 2004.

April 2005 the QM Dave Ransom trained Stella Wilman as assistant QM. Officers attended all district meeting and Comrade Rhett Webber represented our post at the Siapan Department convention.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day were recognized as well as all four posts fun days.

The annual chili cook off earned well needed money and much was spent on the community projects.

The children’s annual orphanage part was well attended.

Aug 2004: Richard Gilbert passed away. Sept 2004: Herman Jaindl passed away Nov 2004: Jimmy Holt and Thomas Rowland passed away Jan 2005: Wendel (Corky) Roberts and David Hillhouse passed away.

2005 – 2006

Commander-Art Gaspard,

Senior Vice- Cesar Noble, J

unior Vice- Frank Hilliard IV,

QM- Estela Wileman/Bob Looker,

Adjutant- Russell Emory,

Surgeon- Dave Pound,

Chaplain- Mike Kelley,

Advocate: Bob Looker,

Trustee 1-Rhettt Webber,

Trustee 2-Violeto Batac,

Trustee 3-Dave Ransom,

All district meetings we attended by members of our posts.

The Chili Cook off and ANZAC day as well as Memorial Day at the cemeteries was conducted. Children’s Orphanage Christmas party was conducted and all had great time eating hot dogs and spaghetti.

Dave Ransom, Frank Hilliard IV, and Rhett Webber attended the Department Convention in Bangkok, Thailand, where our post received several awards.

Nov 2005 Mike Kelley was replaced as Chaplain by Thomas Morrison. Jan 2006 Bob Looker was appointed assistant QM to learn the job. Soon after began a very sad moment in the history of Post 9892.

We found out the QM Estela Wileman had stolen $8,000 to $ 10,000 from the post. She was relieved and Bob Looker was appointed QM pro tempore. An intensive audit was conducted by Roger Limle and Dave Ranson to complete the bond report requirements. Charges were filed by the commander and part of this money will be refunded from the Bonding Company. NOTE::: Make sure all persons handling money are bonded which is a By-laws requirement!!

The officers attended several district and post functions as well as we received many awards for community projects. The chili cook off competition and children’s orphanage Christmas party went very well.

Jul 2005: John Russell passed away. Aug 2005: Walter Gorr passed away. Sept 2005: Edward Whitehead passed away. Dec 2005: Jose De Rosero passed away Jan 2006: Marvin Kirsch passed away. May 2006: John Butts passed away

2006 – 2007

Commander- Cesar Noble,

Senior Vice Commander- Frank B. Hilliard IV;

Junior Vice Commander- Reynaldo Vegara;

QM- Bob Looker;

Adjutant- Tim Aukshun;

Advocate- Tom Morrision;

Surgeon- Dave Pound;

Chaplain- Gaspard;

Trustee 1- Tim Aukshun;

Trustee 2- John Mesaros;

Trustee 3, Bob Upton

Membership increased to 200 as of 12 July 2006

2007 – 2008

Commander: Emory Russell

Senior Vice Commander: Calvin “Sonny” Dozier

Junior Vice Commander: Robert Looker

Quartermaster: Frank Hilliard IV

Judge Advocate: Arthur L Gaspard

Surgeon: Charles Phillips

Chaplain: Thomas R. Morrison

Trustee one: David Pound

Trustee two: William Dager

Trustee three: John Messaros

VFW National recognized Sonny Dozier. Roger Limle, Bob Looker and Walter Wilkie for outstanding community services National also recognized Frank Hilliard IV for outstanding Post Quartermaster.

Commander attended all district meetings and supported the American Legion programs during the year. Chili cook off was a great success.

Membership was at 214

Comrades who answered the final call: Herman Dean Perry: Nov 14, 2007 Richard E Harrold Jr.: Jun 6, 2008

2008 – 2009

Commander: Frank Hilliard IV

Senior Vice Commander: Calvin “Sonny” Dozier

Junior Vice Commander: Robert Looker

Quartermaster: Norme Smith

Judge Advocate: Arthur L Gaspard

Surgeon: Charles Phillips

Chaplain: Thomas R. Morrison

Trustee one: David Pound

Trustee two: William Dager

Trustee three: John Messaros T

he post received a US Flag from SSGT Kerfrey which was flown in Afghanistan on a combat mission.

The post supported the Patriots Pen essay contest as well as the all other National programs.

Commander attended Barrio Beach bash, golf tourney in Baguio and Angeles Veterans day functions at the Clark Cemetery on Nov 11..

The annual chili cook off was again a great success bringing ini needed funds to support charity programs.

Roger Limle’s school kids program continues to run well with over 30,000 pesos a month being spent

Feb. 2009, our RAO was transferred from Subic to Angeles so it would be easier and cheaper to get our mail. It will be picked up by Jerry three times a week.

Membership was at 222

Comrades who answered the final call: Justo G Licup: July 23, 2008 William C. Hulsey: August 15, 2008 Lloyd W. Sanders: Oct. 16, 2008 Lawrence A Robbins: Jan. 16, 2009 Simon D. Marynen: Jan 25, 2009 William D. Perry: May 2009 Thomas R. Morrision: Jun. 29, 2009

2009 – 2010

Commander: Frank Hilliard IV

Senior Vice Commander: Calvin “Sonny” Dozier

Junior Vice Commander: Robert Looker

[JVC medical; Thomas Darkus elected JVC]

Quartermaster: Norme Smith

Judge Advocate: Arthur L Gaspard

Surgeon: Comrade Cabreros

Chaplain: Thomas Darkus

Trustee one: John Mesaros

Trustee two: Mike Kelly

Trustee three: Tim Aukshun

All national programs were supported and all reports submitted. Commander visited all posts during the quarterly district meetings.

Mike Kelly documents were in question and ultimately he resigned as no authorized documents for eligibility could be produced.

Community Projects were well over 100 percent of quota with Roger Limle continuely leading the troops with over 40,000 monthly in supplies given to local schools and school kids.

Annual Chili cook off was held as planned and weather cooperated and we generated well needed funds for our charity progams.

Membership was at 238.

Comrades who answered the final call: Howard J. McClure: Sept. 15, 2009 Emory C. Russell: Mar. 23, 2010

Col. B.J. Smith, VFW Post 9892 - Years 2011 - 2020

2010 – 2011

Commander Frank Hilliard IV

Senior Vice Commander: Thomas Darkus

Junior Vice Commander: Larry Hignight

Quartermaster: Norme Smith

Judge Advocate: Arthur L Gaspard

Surgeon: Calvin Dozier

Chaplain: J.D. Keller

Trustee one: Frank Thomas

Trustee two: Rhett Webber

Trustee three: Eugene Smith

All national programs were supported with the Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen.

Commander and representatives conducted Memorial Day ceremonies at Bauang, Lingsat, Agoo, San Juan, Dagupan Cemeteries. Post representatives attended all district meetings and supported other posts fund generating programs Chili Cook off was again well done with 24 teams participating.

Membership was at 244

Comrades who answered the final call: Steve Massie: Sept 2, 2010 Dan C. Ross: Oct 24, 2010 Charlie W Sicurella: Jan 6, 2011 Robert Bybee: Apr. 11, 2011 Arturo N Nerida: Apr 18, 2011 Kenneth O.K. DeLong: Jun 6, 2011

2011 – 2012

Commander: Frank Hilliard IV

Senior Vice Commander: Tom Darkus

Junior Vice Commander: Larry Hignight

Quartermaster: Norme Smith

Judge Advocate: Arthur L Gaspard

Surgeon: Larry Hignight late changed to Sonny Dozier

Chaplain: J.D. Keller

Trustee one: Frank Thomas

Trustee two: Rhett Webber

Trustee three: Eugene Smith

Post donated 12 chairs to the barangay hall. The re-internment of Filipino Medal of Honor recipient at Lingsat was set up by post 9892. U.S Embassy sent a representative and all city and province officials attended.

The biggest event was the moving of our post home from the building owned by Ray Bruce and Mike Weatheridge to beside the Momma Tats meat shop at the old Fennigan Restaurant owned by Peter MacFarlene. We had to move as the land was purchased by another person and no one would tell us if the lease would be renewed. And if it would be of course we expected a large increase in the rent.

All National programs were supported and the annual Chili Cook Off went over well as usual.

Comrades who answered the final call: Dennis Dailey: Aug.28, 2011 Daryl Hogan: Sept 5, 2011 Charles G. Shannon: Oct 22, 2011 Although NOT a VFW member we all mourned the passing of long time VFW members friend Eric. Eric was a big VFW supported and contributor to our community programs. RIP ERIC

2012 – 2013

Commander: Tom Darkus

Senior Vice Commander: Larry Hignight

Junior Vice Commander: Bud St. Onge

Quartermaster: Frank Hilliard IV, later Eugene Smith

Judge Advocate: Tim Aukshun

Surgeon: Dave Allan

Chaplain: John King

Trustee one: John Mesaros

Trustee two: J.D. Keller Trustee three:

Dave Pound

VFW Post Cmdr Darkus attended the 30 May 13 Memorial Day Ceremony, CVC, hosted by AL Post 123, with over 150 participants, including guests Ms. Vicki Randall-VA Clinic Mgr; Col. Carter-JUSMAG; CMSgt Dube-DAO; Col. Estabillo-600th PAF Wing Cmdr; Larry Atkinson-ABMC Pacific Dir; Rep CDC Tugade/Frank Madlangbayean and Joseph Carsley-AL Dep’t Cmdr. VA Mgr-Vicki Randall replaced U.S. Embassy Ambassador Harry as main speaker, due to his accident in Zamboanga, RP.

All U.S and Aussie Veteran groups were represented. Meeting times were adjusted to 1330 on second Tuesday, finally, after a couple tries at others times. This is so our Baguio members can come down for the cootie at 1030 and stay for meeting thereby only requiring one day.

All National programs were supported throughout the year as well as department. Commander attended all the district meetings. Roger Limle’s school kids programs has grown tremendously and now is spending about 60,000 pesos monthly.

Other community programs are running well as well as our hospital report. Veterans Day as well as Memorial Day recognition was observed.

And our annual Chili Cook off was held as scheduled the third Saturday in November.

Comrades who answered the final call: Charles Evans: July 25, 2012 Robert Upton: Sept. 7, 2012 Michael Murphy: Feb. 19, 2013 David Pound: March 20, 2013

2013 – 2014

Commander: Rhett Webber

Senior Vice Commander: Bud St. Onge

Junior Vice Commander; Charles C. Hill

Quartermaster: Bobby Reyes

Judge Advocate: J.D. Keller later Sonny Dozier

Surgeon: Dave Allan Later Joe Walter

Chaplain: Thomas L. Darkus

Trustee one: Roger Limle

Trustee two: Anselmo A. Gaskin

Trustee three: Tim Aukshun

Commander attended many district and department functions including district meetings, veterans day and memorial day recognition days.

Chili cook off recognizing Coast Guard with its theme “Coasties Chili” went well with 25 teams and 18 miss chili pepper contestants. A NO SMOKING POLICY which was instituted in Bauang is being enforced at the VFW. We have however installed an area out the back door with a buzzer for service of those who wish to smoke.

Membership was 100.83 percent of quota. Comrades who answered the final call: Hank Golightly: Mar. 2014

2014 – 2015

Commander: Rhett Weber

Senior Vice Commander: Bud St. Onge

Junior Vice Commander; Charles Spain

Quartermaster: Bobby Reyes

Judge Advocate: Thomas Darkus

Surgeon: Charles Spain

Chaplain: James Rogers T

rustee one: Tim Aukshun

Trustee two: Robert Looker/ Art Gaspard (Robert Looker passed away)

Trustee three: Edward James

During 2014 to 15 term several attempts to draw in business resulted in continued loss in the canteen. We attempted to shorten hours and even to close on Mondays. This did not work as members wanted to watch football on Monday mornings..

Bingo and the chili cook off kept the post afloat. Annual Chili cook off theme this year is US Navy Seabees, We build, We fight Took the final tour to heaven: Robert Looker Membership ended at 106.97% The post made All American


Commander: Bud St. Onge

Senior Vice Commander: Charles Spain

Junior Vice: Andrew Dzrussin

Quartermaster: Bobby Reyes

Judge Advocate: Tom Darkus

Surgeon: James Edwards

Chaplain: James Rogers

Trustee One: Edward James

Trustee Two: Tim Aukshun

Trustee Three: John Mesaros

The 2015-2016 term was another sad term in the history of our VFW Post 9892. After several attempts to make it work, the house committee suggested to the membership and it was passed that the canteen be closed. Charles Spain was approved along with the Quartermaster to arrange transfer to the new renters the things they were going to buy and to arrange sales of other things. During the closing which took several trips to the DOLE to arrange for our employees separation pay, and to the BIR for the taxes and the clearance to close, It was found out that even though SSS and phil-health and vat taxes were withheld, but were not given to the appropriate agencies therefore we had to pay all of these agencies again. As well as separation pay to all our employees. It seems our manager was skimming much. Since lawyer fees and such would be needed to pursue the case it was decided not to, since we had little money left.

Finally on Nov 2016 our canteen doors were officially closed. The new meeting place was Paradise Inn beside Ocean Deep Dive Center on the old Acapulco beach area, west side of the airport.

Thanks to Roger Limlie, Commander St. Onge, and Art Gaspard, bingo was restarted at the Bali Hai, so charity work could continue.

The Chili cook off was held at Bali Hai and went off very well. This money assisted us in getting most of our bills paid.

The Philippines District Meeting was held on April 12 also at our new meeting home. Paradise Inn.


Commander - Bud St. Onge

Senior Vice Commander - Andrew Dzurissin

Junior Vice Commander – Rhett Webber

Quartermaster - Bobby Reyes

Chaplain - James Rodgers

Trustee One – Tim Aukshun

Trustee Two - John Mesaros

Trustee Three - Thomas Darkus


Adjutant – Charles Spain

Judge Advocate – Thomas Darkus

Surgeon - Rhett Webber

Safety Officer – Rhett Webber

Service Officer - Rhett Webber

Bingo Chairman – Roger Limle

Elementary Schools Chairman - Roger Limle

National Home/POW/MIA Chairman - Rhett Webber

Charter was undraped for Comrades Randy Jerman and Ronald Ratliff, then draped for Comrades Donald Messerer and Ponciano Nisperos Villareal who passed away recently.

Several comrades representing the Post and the Pup Tent conducted a Memorial Service for Comrade Villareal at Forest Park Cemetery on 09 Jul 16. Thanks to Comrade John Lagrew for coming down from Bauguio to assist with the ceremony.

CHILI COOK OFF – Comrade Gaspard suggest two possible themes for the CCO this year. We always seem to have good results with cartoon characters so he submitted two very good ideas. Snoopy Good Grief Chili or Garfield Fat Cat Chili. Comrade Spain submitted Long Ranger Silver Bullet Chili, considering that this CCO will be our 25th (Silver Anniversary). After a brief discussion Garfield Fat Cat Chili was unanimously selected. Comrade Gaspard will coordinate with Mike Bisanko from Bali Hai, and proceed with the invitation letters. Charlie Spain and Tim Aukshun agreed to handle the T shirt sales.

New members accepted: Ronald Lewis Cullifer, Life Membership, US Army Korea Service Alfonso Muir, Life membership, USAF (Active) Korea Service (Present) Charter was undraped for Comrades John Messerer and Ponciano Nisperos Villareal, and draped for Comrade Howard Glenn Norton.

Commander St. Onge reminded us of POW/MIA Day on September 16th , the 3rd Friday in September, as well as Patriots Day on September 11th, which also happens to be the 69th birthday of the U.S. Air Force.

When Comrades Reyes and Aukshun took a burial flag to the home of Comrade Predeglorio they realized the distress his family was in. They had sold many household items to help pay for Comrade Pedeglorio’s funeral and burial VFW donated a sum of money for the family.

Commander St. Onge presented 25 Year Pins to Comrades Roger Limle and Rhett Webber in honor of their 25 years of service to the VFW. A salute to Roger and Rhett. Comrade Aukshun taught 10 boy scouts from the troop in |Angeles which our VFW Post 2485 supports. He was able to get his organization to sponsor the course and total of 150,000 pesos of training was donate to the Boy Scouts.

A joint VFW/Cootie visit to MOH Pvt Jose B Nisperos and DSC Capt Felipe N Casugas graves for cleaning was completed, noting that Cootie Aukshun brought his power spray which greatly whitened the gravestones of our local heroes.

The annual chili cook off came off with a somewhat less showing thanin the past and was due somewhat in that he weather was overcast and had slight rain. The idea of a 50/50 raffle was successful versus raffle tickets. Cootie Head Chili Chef John Mesaros garnered the Best Cootie Chili at the VFW Post 9892 Annual Chili Cook Off which gave Pup Tent 7 the right to keep the “GREAT BLUE LOUSE” for one year.

The Cooties and VFW Post 9892 hosted a Children’s Christmas Party at Paradise Inn Beach Resort at 0900-1100, 24 December 2016. We distributed Christmas baskets and other snacks to about 25 children of the local barangay.

The water system in memorial of and the plaque honoring Comrade Randy was completed at the Deguzman School. Comrade JD Keller made his final report for the Blind School Mural on the fence outside the school which was paid for in part by post 9892.

Comrade Webber spoke on the Bells of Balangiga and motioned that the Post support this as a possible Department of Pacific Areas Resolution.

A LONG TIME TRADITION OF POST 9892 BINGO CAME TO AND END. Due to pressure from local police and PADCOR, Bali Hai did not want to take the chance of a violation. Other places were discussed and a permit is still being worked. Although it seems very negative. A lengthy and sometimes heated discussion was had concerning bingo and the Elementary School Program. In spite of the efforts of Comrade Limle and others it was pretty much agreed that although the bingo was our lifeblood for many years, for at least the near future the decision to cease operations is prudent at this time. Should more concrete and precise licensing be obtained in the future, and all legal/tax issues be resolved we will consider reactivating the bingo. Until then a big thank you to Comrade Limle and all who worked on bingo in the past. With the loss of bingo proceeds the Michael D Murphy Elementary School Program became an emotional issue.

After considerable discussion it was determined that the Post would be able to continue the program, and Comrade Limle will investigate ways to reduce the cost of the program. To allow the program to continue in its present form Comrades St Onge, Spain, Dzurissin, and Aukshun pledged to donate one thousand pesos a month for one year, starting in July. With this generous contribution in mind the Post will donate P4000 to the Elementary School Program monthly. Our post officers and others supported all other posts income generating programs through the year and the district meetings in other location. Beach bash in Subic, gold tourney in Baguio, BBQ and veterans day in Angeles. 


Elected Officers: Commander - Bud St. Onge

Senior Vice Commander - Andrew Dzurissin

Junior Vice Commander – Bobby Reyews

Quartermaster – Charlie Spain

Chaplain - James Rodgers

Trustee One – John Mesaros

Trustee Two - Thomas Darkus

Trustee Three - Fred Russian

On April 10, 2018, Col B J Smith VFW Post 9892 hosted the District 7 Convention at Shooter's Sports Bar, Brgy Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, La Union where VFW 9892 Comrade Bud St Onge was elected as District 7 Senior Vice Commander, while Comrade Bobby Reyes moved to District 7 Trustee 2. Incoming District 7 Commander Alex Fores appointed VFW 9892 Comrade Rhett Webber as District 7 Service Officer. Comrade Charlie Spain became District 7 Junior Past Commander. A social event, sponsored by Pup Tent 7 was held at Footlights after food and drink were offered by both VFW Post 9892 and VFW Post 124. All elected and appointed positions became effective following the Department of Pacific Convention in Ban Chang, Thailand in June 2018.


Commander - Bobby Reyes

Senior Vice Commander - Andrew Dzurissin

Junior Vice Commander - Tim Aukshun

Quartermaster - Charlie Spain

Chaplain - Jim Rodgers

Trustee 1 - Tom Darkus

Trustee 2 - Fred Russian

Trustee 3 - John Mesaros

Adjutant - Bud St Onge

Surgeon - Rhett Webber

Service Officer - Bobby Reyes

Judge Advocate - Tom Darkus

Comrades of Col B J Smith VFW Post 9892 performed Veterans Day Ceremony at the gravesite of Medal of Honor Recipient Pvt Joe B Nisperos at San Fernando Public Cemetery. Members performing the ceremony were CDR Bobby Reyes, JVC Tim Aukshun, QM Charlie Spain, Chaplain Jim Rodgers and JA Tom Darkus. An after-ceremony luncheon was held at Midway Grill Restaurant in Brgy Lingsat, City of San Fernando, La Union.


Post History


July 2019 – July 2020

Commander - Bobby Reyes

Senior Vice Commander – Donald Carr

Junior Vice Commander – Pete Brozowski

Quartermaster - Charlie Spain/Tim Aukshn

Chaplain - Jim Rodgers

Trustee 1 - John Mesaros

Trustee 2 – Fred Russian

Trustee 3 - Garrett Bridges

Adjutant - Bud St Onge

Surgeon - Rhett Webber

Service Officer – Don Carr

Judge Advocate – Donald Carr

Safety Officer: Rhett Webber

Historian: Pete Brozowski (appointed)

Webmaster: Pete Brozowski (appointed)

Wesley G Kerlin: USAF(Retired), GWOT-Korea, Life Membership. Was sworn in as a Life Member of Col B J Smith VFW Post 9892 by Commander Reyes and was presented the Cross of Malta Insigne lapel pin.

Our own Bud St Onge was sworn in a 2019 - 2020 District 7 Commander.

The VFW Department of Pacific Convention was held in Saipan, VFW Post 9892 were represented by Commander Reyes and District 7 Commander Bud St Onge. Col BJ Smith VFW Post 9892 Commander, Bobby Reyes awarded All-State Post Commander 2018-2019. An award was also given to  Andrew "DZ" Dzurissin and Emma for their outstanding support over the years.

Draping of the Charter Ceremony: The Post Charter was draped in memory of VFW Post 9892 Life Member Michael Dean Campbell, SK1, US Navy. American Legion Department Service Officer and FRA 367 Member. Who passed away on July 25, 2019. He leaves behind three small children. Funeral services were held at Clark Veterans Cemetery on August 1, 2019.

• Jeffrey T. Cosky, USAF. Korea. A motion to accept his membership to VFW Post 9892 as a Life member transfer from VFW Post 15006 was made by CDR Reyes; seconded by Comrade Rodgers. Discussion. Motion passed. Welcome to Col B J Smith VFW Post 9892 Comrade Cosky.

• James R. Mann, request to upgrade to Life Membership from delinquent membership. Commander Reyes made to motion to reinstate his status and to upgrade to Life Membership. Seconded by Rodgers. Discussion. Motion passed. Welcome back to the post Comrade Mann.

September 10, 2019 GMM: 

Undraping of the Charter Ceremony: The Post Charter was undraped in memory of VFW Post 9892 Life Member Michael Dean Campbell, SK1, US Navy. American Legion Department Service Officer and FRA 367 Member. Who passed away on July 25, 2019.

Commander Reyes presented new Post member, Comrade Chris Turgeon, the VFW Cross of Malta Insigne. After a three minute break for this ceremony, Commander Reyes resumed the Post General Membership Meeting.

October 2019:

The Post Charter was Draped in memory of VFW Post 9892 Life Members, whom we were notified by VFW National as passed away:

   • Ramon B Bueno

   • Loren L Crain

   • Paul J Nelson

   • Niel J Nielson

The Post Charter was undraped then draped in memory of VFW Post 9892 Life Member Roger B Forseth who recently passed away and funeral services were held at Clark Veterans Cemetery.

The 28th Annual Chili Cook Off wasd held Nov. 30th at Blu Water Resort, Brgy Pugo, Bauang.

Commander’s Trophy (best booth): PT-15 Chili:

   3rd Place: Post 124 (Baguio)

   2nd Place: Lacuna

   1st Place: Post 11447 (Subic)

GBL: PT-15

Miss Chili Pepper: Darlene Villaruz

The Children’s Christmas Party, at Wow Dili Elementary School in neighborhood school in Barangay Dili, Bauang was held December 16. Comrades Spain, Bridges (Santa) and their girlfriends Nila and Mae provided the Christmas spirit to the children with food, drinks and gifts. Outstanding job!

December 17, 2020: The Post Charter was un-Draped in memory of VFW Post 9892 Life Member Roger B Forseth

The VFW Post Christmas Social was held at Final Option Resort, Brgy Ili Norte, San Juan, a good time was had by all.


Comrade Carr has stepped down from his post officer positions of Senior Vice Commander, Judge Advocate and Service Officer due to him moving to the Subic area and transferring his membership to Post 11447. Comrade Brozowski will naturally move up to Senior Vice Commander and Comrade Michael Grider was nominated and elected to fill the position of Junior Vice Commander until the end of the present VFW term.

Commander Reyes appointed Comrade Brozowski to fill in the positions of Judge Advocate and Membership Committee Chairman until the close of the present VFW term.

On April 21, 2020, Col B J Smith VFW Post 9892 held their April General Membership Meeting, albeit a week late due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine and travel restrictions on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Members were able to come together using Zoom. After some issues with the internet connection, primarily with the Commander's inconsistent connection, we were able to work around it and successfully complete the meeting. 

Elections were held for post delegates for the District 7, VFW Department of Pacific Areas and VFW National Conventions, and new post officers for the upcoming VFW season. They will assume their positions after the the Department of Pacific Areas Convention in June.

Congratulations to the following newly elected Col B J Smith VFW Post 9892 officers for the upcoming VFW 2020-2021 season. Commander: Rhett Webber; Senior Vice Commander: Andrew "DZ" Dzurissin; Junior Vice Commander: Edward "Pete" Brozowski; Quartermaster: Tim Aukshun; Chaplain: Bishop James Rodgers. A swearing-in ceremony for elected and appointed officers will be performed on a later date at a "physically attended" post meeting.

The May 12 GMM was again held using Zoom as Luzon remains under quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus. The meeting was quite short at the Commanders web connection failed (again). Comrade Aukshun read the closing prayer and as Commander Reyes could not be located acting SVC Brozowski closed the meeting.

Memorial Day 2020 VFW Ritual under COVID quarantine was accomplished via FB Messenger.

A motion was made to accept Roscoe McGlynn into the post via transfer Coordinated by Comrade Spain. seconded by Comrade Bridges. Discussion. Motion was approved.

At our next physical General Membership Meeting at Crown & Anchor Resto; we will drape the charter for Comrades Clint Sherbondy and Cecil McMillian Jr .


July 2020 - July 2021

o Commander: Rhett Webber

o Sr Vice Commander: Andrew Dzurissin

o Jr Vice Commander: Edw. Pete Brozowski

o Quartermaster: Tim Aukshun

o Trustee One : John Mesaros

o Trustee Two: Garrett I. Bridges

o Trustee Three: Frederick Russian

o Chaplain: Jim Rodgers

o Adjutant: Wayne "Bud" St Onge (appointed)

o Service Officer: Robert G. "Bobby" Reyes (appointed)

o Judge Advocate: Wayne "Bud" St Onge (appointed)

o Surgeon: Andrew Dzurissin (appointed)

o Assistant Quartermaster: Charles R. Spain (appointed)

o Safety Officer: Edw. Pete Brozowski (appointed)

o Historian: Edw. Pete Brozowski (appointed)

o Webmaster: Edw. Pete Brozowski (appointed)


July 14, 2020

Due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine and travel restrictions throughout the island of Luzon, Republic of the Philippines this month's GMM was done using group video conferencing with the Zoom Application.

At our next physical General Membership Meeting at Crown & Anchor Resto; we will drape the charter for Comrades Clint Sherbondy and Cecil McMillian Jr .

Aug. - Nov. 2020

General Membership Meetings continue to be held online via Zoom application. Also victim of the COVID-19 qurantine rules is the Post's annual Chili Cook Off (this would have been the 29th) has been cancelled.

The 50/50 raffle draw will continue, ticket sales are a bit challenging with travel restictions, but online ticket sales and remit has been somewhat effective. The drawing will be held on Dec. 8 at 1100hrs following the GMM. This will be live streamed.

On Veterans Day VFW Post 9892 members held a small ceremony at 1100hrs at the Unknown Soldier's Monument in San Fernando.

Comrades Clint Sherbondy and Cecil McMillian Jr . had passed away but we had not been able to drape the charter. On Nov. 12 long-time VFW Post 9892 Life Member and Pup Tent 7 Cootie Roger Limle passed away. A Chapel Ceremony was held at Comrade Limle's residence on Nov. 15 followed by send off at Crown & Anchor. We we able to drape the charter at the time.

VFW Post 124 Life Member and MOC Grand of Pacific Pup Tent 7 Member John LaGrew passed away at home in Baguio City on Nov. 19, 2020

Dec. 2020

Regular post meetings (GMM'S) and Cootie Pup Tent 7 meetings continue to be heald online via Zoom as travel restrictions remain in place. 

Timothy Kilbane’s application was approved. A motion was made by Comrade Aukshun to accept Comrade Kilbane as a member of our post, seconded by Comrade Reyes. No discussion. Motion approved.

Comrade Roger Limle passed away on November 13, 2020. A memorial service was conducted with his family. He was a past Post 9892 Commander and helped the local schools every month, delivery supplies for the children. He will be missed.

The Chili Cook Off raffle drawing will take place after our meeting at Ocean Deep Dive shop, today (Dec 8). It will be video tapped and broadcast via Facebook. This video will be also be posted on our website with an announcement of the winner.

Jan. - Mar.  2021

School scholarship program: There has been considerable discussion over the last couple of months on what the guidelines are for supporting students that are requesting assistance from the post. After much discussion we now have documented guidelines that outline what the requirements are. A motion was made by Comrade Brozowski, seconded by Comrade Aukshun to use this to determine eligibility. If you are aware of a student seeking school assistance from the post, submit the request to one of the post officers, we will use these guidelines and our availability of funds to make a decision.

The following membership applications were approved at today’s meeting: John F. Brown, Steven Hupfer and Bruce Stevens. A motion was made by Comrade Aukshun to accept them as new members of our post, seconded by Comrade Munnick. No discussion and motion approved.

Louis Chetaud’s application for membership was approved

Comrade Daniel L. Cimo passed away 28 Feb 21 and was interred at the Clark Field ABMC Clark Veterans Cemetery 04 Mar 21.

Comrade Melecio Presto passed away, a graveside service was performed by Post 9892 on March 21st.

Isreal D Jones new life membership was approved on March 31.

March - October 2021

Life Member Howard A. Williams was approved to transfer t transfer to our post.

We regret to inform everyone that this year’s Chili Cook Off is officially cancelled. Many meetings were held with several Municipalities and Resorts to see if there was any way possible to make this work. Comrade Brozowski has put a lot of effort into finding a way to have this event. The COVID restrictions fluctuate here daily and having an assembly of a large group of people is not viewed favorably by the Philippine Department of Health.

VFW Post 9892 Life Member William "Joe" Dager (USAF Ret) passed away on October 12, a Chapel SDervice was held on October 17 at the Dager residence.

CCO drawing; The annual raffle normally held at the CCO event will now be held at our December 14 Post meeting. This is a change from the November 27 date previously posted and written on the tickets. This change is necessary to allow time to get all the tickets returned to us.

Oct. 12 Comrade William "Joe" Dager, VFW Post 9892 Life Member and past Trustee went on eternal watch. A flag ceremony was held at the Dager residence on Oct. 17.

October 30 The charter was undraped for Comrades Melecio Presto (USN) and Cesar O Noble (USN/USA) Former 9892 CDR and VFW 124 and Pup Tent 7 Life Member, then draped for William Joseph Dager (USAF) and Crispin R Guzman (USN).

Nov 11 Veteran's Day ceremony was held and wreath placed at the geave of MOH Jose B Nisperos.

January – December 2022


Due to the continuing Enhanced Community Quarantine and travel restrictions throughout the Republic of the Philippines, this meeting was conducted using group video conferencing with the Zoom Application.


March 8, 2022; Travel restrictions in the Philippines have finally been lifted in most areas.  Therefore, we conducted our first face to face meeting in two years.


New officers for the 2022 – 23 term werer elected:

The new officers  will assume their new responsibilities after the Department Convention in June.  Congratulations to the new officers, as follows: 

  • CMDR      Charlie Spain
  • SVC          Andrew Dzurissin “DZ”
  • JVC         Pete Brozowski
  • QM          Tim Aukshun
  • Chaplain  Jim Rodgers
  • Trustee 1 Fred (moving up)
  • Trustee 2 Roscoe McGlynn
  • Trustee 3 Garret Bridges


DRAPING THE CHARTER:  The Charter was undraped in honor of our departed life member, Alberto Villanueva, who passed away in December, 2021.


DRAPING THE CHARTER:  The Charter was draped on June 21, 2022 to honor our departed life member J.D. Keller that passed away on 8 June 2022 and will be undraped at the August 9, 2022 meeting to allow a full 30 days to memorialize his death, IAW the by-laws.


DRAPING OF THE CHARTER:  Commander Spain conducted a ceremony to drape our charter to honor our departed comrade Larry Purdy, who passed away this month.  Post members conducted a memorial at comrade Purdy’s home, with family members on December 12th.


Chili Cook Off returned after a 2 year gap due to restrictions. The event (Out of This World Chili) was held on Nov. 26th at Bella's Beach Resort in Bauang. By any standard, this CCO was a major success. Winner’s list:




Chili 1st Place: VFW Post 124


Chili 2nd Place and GBL: Pup Tent 7


Chili 3rd place: Go Wash




Commander's Trophy: VFW Post 2584 Auxiliary




Miss Chili Pepper


1st: Amirah Ramirez 22 yrs old from San Fernando City.


2nd: Danie Ackles 19 yrs old from Bauang


3rd: Hartley Breyens 20yrs old frm Tarlac City

January - December 2023


  • Following are the are the new officers for year 2023 - 24

o          Commander:  Charlie Spain

o          Senior Vice Commander:  Pete Brozowski

o          Junior Vice Commander:  DZ

o          Chaplin:  Bruce Stevens

o          Quartermaster:  Tim Aukshun

o          Trustee 1:  Garrett Bridges

o          Trustee 2:  Roscoe McGlynn

o          Trustee 3:  Fred Russian


  • The Post will celebrate Memorial Day (May 29th) by placing flags on various veteran gravesites. All interested are requested to meet at 0800 at the entrance to Forest Lake Cemetery, San Fernando.  The attire for this ceremony will be the newly acquired light blue VFW shirt.  After this event we will have a luncheon at the Midway Café, San Fernando, at approximately 1130.


At our last meeting, Commander Spain made a motion that we move our post home to Elyu Grill and Resto Bar, National Highway, Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, Philippines.  Motion seconded by Comrade Aukshun. After much discussion the vote was deferred until today’s meeting.  Today we concluded our discussion on this proposed move.  Motion approved.  Effective August 8, 2023 our Post Home is officially changed to this new location.


We would like to welcome the Glenn W. McDole post 12224 (Palawan) to District 7. The initiation ceremony will be held at the Best Western Plus hotel, Rizal Ave. Ext., Puerto Princess City, Palawan on October 22, 2023 (afternoon).   Comrade Roscoe McGlynn will be the commander elect.


The new Chief of the US Embassy’s American Citizen Services, Kristofor Graf, was a gest for a meet and greet session.


The VFW Commander in Chief will be visiting various locations in the Philippines beginning October 15th.   He will visit Bauang on the 15th for a brief stop to visit the St. Peters church before departing the following day.

The 30th Chili Cook off was held at Bella’s II Resort, Dragon’s Breath was the theme. The event was an all-around success, winners were:



1st Place – Abra

2nd Place – Ocean Deep

3rd Place – Post 2485




Irvy Keith Pereyna Daïs

1st Runner Up

Joy Villalruz




Commanders award Post 2485


New Life Mmember Dave Krisa was initiated at the December GMM.


The Post Christmas lunch was held at Sunset Bay, was an event full of Christmas spirit.