Minutes 12  March 2024


Minutes: 13 March 2024


Opening formalities IAW with Grand By-laws and ritual completed and conducted in accordance with Grand By-Laws. Scratch called to order at 1000 by Seam Squirrel Webber. 


Opening prayers were given by Cootie Rodgers.


Visitors and VIPs were recognized, 8 Cooties present.  SS Webber invited veterans Earl Katigbat (USN) to our meeting….he had a crummy time!


Minutes from the last scratch were accepted.  Motion seconded by Cootie Bridges and made by Cootie Rodgers. Truly a work of art….NOT!


Membership Applications:John Kelly’s application was reviewed and deemed eligible to join this collection of misfits that call themselves Cooties.  However, it still has to be approved by the VFW Post 9892 membership.  That will take place following this meeting.  If he survives that vote then he will be sworn into PT -7 at the April meeting.  If not then he will be S.O.L


CCDB report for was given for February by Cootie Reyes and he provided a crummy report as always and everyone present agreed.   A motion was seconded by Cootie Reyes to accept the report, subject to audit, and made by Cootie Bridges. no discussion, motion approved. 


OFFICAL CORRESPONDANCE:  None, other than these lousy minutes!


COMRADE IN DISTRESS:  Cootie Wilkes is still recovering from an unknow ailment..




BILLS:  None


REMEMBER OUR NATIONAL HOME:  Prayer given by Cootie Rodgers


  • Cootie Aukshun seconded a motion to cast one unanimous vote to elect the following Cooties into PT – 7, for the new term, motion made by Cootie St.Onge. Reluctantly we all agreed.  Cootie Aukshun conducted the swearing in ceremony.
  • The following are the new officers that were installed today.


  • Seam Squirrel: Rhett Webber
  • High Gimlet: Garrett Bridges
  • Blanket Bum: John Mesaros
  • Sky Pilot: Jim Rodgers
  • Hungry Cootie: Bud St. Onge
  • CCDB: Bobby Reyes
  • Tight Wad 1: Fred Russian
  • Tight Wad 2: Vacant
  • Tight Wad 3: Roscoe McGlynn
  • Cootie Aukshun seconded a motion to offer Cootie shirts to the membership, at a cost to be determined. Motion was made by Cootie Reyes. Motion approved.  Cootie Bridges provided us with designs.   And as to be expected nobody agreed.  We will attempt to complete this task at our next meeting.




  • If you need a shag, contact Cootie Rhett Webber. He can have them made in Angeles City for about 600 pesos.  He can also have Cootie bags made for about 600 pesos.
  • Supreme changed the date of the expiration of Annual Dues, expiring on May 31, 2024. Pay your dues before then or we will talk bad about you in the meetings! However, Cootie Reyes seconded a motion for the Pup tent to contribute $10 to each annual members renewal, due to the change in the expiration date.  This is one time deal so get it done before April 20th to take advantage of this generous offer.  Motion was made by Cootie Rodgers, long discussion followed but motion approved. 
  • If you desire a 2024 Pup Trent 7 Calendar, see SS Rhett Webber.


30 30 24 69 219 $277.74 $1,977.42
128% Total: $17,356.62

50/50:       800 pesos

Winner:    400 pesos, Cootie Mesaros

Put tent:   400 pesos

Fines:        1100 pesos

Closing Ceremonies IAW Grand Ritual was done and scratch closed at 1045, Hooray! Cooties were ready to pass out!  Next scratch is 9 April, 2024 @10:00 hours, prior to the VFW Post 9892 meeting at the Elyu Grill and Resto Bar, National Highway, Barangay Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, La Union.  Stay in touch with our post website to get an update on this adventure or maybe you could even talk to another Cootie that has that information!!